How To Cut Costs When Running And Online Business

E-commerce is a fantastic way for businesses to tap into national and international markets, without having to maintain a tangible presence. While the lack of physical premises does represent financial savings, there are still a myriad of costs associated with running an online enterprise. To help online businesses cut down on costs we’ve put together a guide to key areas where savings can be made.

Host your own website
Why pay for a company to host your website when you could easily manage it yourself? Many businesses don’t realise just how easy and cost effective it is to host their own website! Look for companies that offer 24/7 support, a cheap dedicated server and uptime guarantees of at least 99.9%. cPanel interfaces are also a major perk, allowing site managers to easily tweak and control their websites, at their fingertips.

One of the easiest and most rewarding ways to cut costs is to upskill. There are plenty of online courses where you can learn to master simple and complex tasks that will eliminate the need to outsource to third party supplier.

Negotiate shipping deals
Most e-commerce stores retail tangible products which means that shipping is a major expense. Rather than settle for a mediocre deal shop around for savings. For example, buying in bulk almost always results in a discount, while major carriers are also open to negotiating rates and contracts for regular clients.

Get social
All online businesses should have marketing strategies in place to increase spends and attract new customers. While paid advertising can be effective, leveraging social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest can also be hugely valuable, and 100% FREE!

Embrace electronic
From processing orders and drawing up invoices to managing inventory and paying employee wages, using electronic systems can save online businesses a significant chunk of time and money. Rather than spend hours on end manually drafting, checking and sending content, let purpose built electronic systems do all the hard work for you. They may require an initial outlay of cash but at the end of the day they will soon pay for themselves.

Negotiate with vendors
A recent survey from Gartner revealed that businesses can save 20 – 50% on license fees, simply by negotiating with vendors. State-of-the-art e-commerce software doesn’t come cheap which means that it’s always worth asking for a discount or negotiating a better deal.

By keeping these simple tips in mind you should be able to cut down your e-commerce expenses and enjoy greater profit margins.

Windows VPS Hosting Uses

One of the most common uses for a Windows VPS is for the Remote Desktop you can have access to from anywhere with an Internet connection. It’s like being able to access your own personal private PC from anywhere that’s always on.

Many people use their Windows VPS to run programs that need to be on 24 hours a day. A good example of this is Forex Trading software such as MetaTrader 4 or some SEO software that monitors search results.

The beauty of one of these Windows VPS is that you don’t need to keep worrying that someone has turned off the machine like you would trying to run a permanently on computer from home.

Probably the number one use for a cheap Windows VPS hosting plan is as a web server though. With Windows hosting you can run, HTML, PHP and CGI no problem.

It can also be used as a mail server of course. Many people choose to use something like Smartermail to manage their email.

Windows VPS can also be used as a database server too. Microsoft SQL server will only run on Windows hosting too.

Many developers like to use Windows hosting to host GIT or Visual Studio to test and develop their code. Another plus is that Windows hosting prices are actually not too different from the cheaper Linux hosting option.


Start Your Own Hosting Business With Master Reseller Hosting

It is actually so much cheaper than you may think to set up a new hosting business nowadays thanks to the creating of Master Reseller Hosting plans that allow someone to quickly start selling hosting.

From as little as a few dollars per month you are able to host an unlimited amount of clients and domains and providing you can obtain clients who are willing to pay several dollars per month you will be in profit almost immediately. Plus, if you do manage to grow you can always upgrade to a higher master reseller plan.

One of the other key features of a master reseller account is that you can sell reseller hosting to others who want to set up a hosting business too. If all they want to do is sell shared hosting then a simple reseller account is fine for them and of course, the more clients they get the less likely they will be to cancel their subscription with you.

Starting your own hosting business is a great way to get regular recurring monthly profits coming in providing you ensure your servers are always up and you give fast excellent support when needed. There is no reason why your hosting business can’t grow simply via word of mouth which is a good thing as PPC is incredibly expensive in the hosting niche.

Speaking of hosting niches there are so many you could target with a hosting company such as just hosting ecommerce platforms like Magento or PrestaShop. Alternatively you could try setting up a forum hosting business or WordPress hosting.

It’s best to specialise in something rather than be a one place fits all type of company as the advertising budget required to promote a business like that will need to be BIG.

The bottom line is you can start a hosting business with a simple master reseller hosting plan for very little and if for example you are a web designer wouldn’t it be a nice way to build some recurring revenue by having your clients host with you?